Sustainability strategy

We have identified six main areas of integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors within our business model:

Business development, by selecting products with characteristics that conform to the ESG paradigm in the range of offerings, among others;

Internal culture, with training and awareness-raising initiatives in the area of sustainability and in the dissemination of managerial and leadership styles based on respect for and appreciation of diversity;

Education, through initiatives, including in collaboration with research institutes, universities and industry associations, to increase knowledge of the insurance market;

Confrontation with stakeholders based on principles of fairness, integrity and transparency of the information provided;

Employee relations through programs aimed at well-being and personal growth;

Customer relations based on trust, accessibility of products and services, and strict adherence to professional ethics.

Business integrity

YOLO believes that the basic element of corporate responsibility is the proper management of business. That is why it applies a corporate governance model marked by the principles of ethics, integrity and transparency towards all stakeholders.

For this reason, we have adopted an Organization and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, a Code of Ethics, an integral part of Model 231, and other Policies designed to promote a culture of compliance in the areas of anti-corruption, conflict of interest, unfair business practices, whistleblowing, human rights, and tax compliance.

Corporate policies:

Organizational Model 231

Code of Ethics

Sustainability Policy

Whistleblowing Policy